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Today I Chunky Dunked With: Full Moon

Hydrating, antioxidant-rich lotus extract is perfect for all skin types, as it can help moisturize dryness, regulate oiliness, and improve elasticity. It’s gently blended with cleansing cedar wood extract, detoxifying Himalayan pink sea salt, and a calming blue lotus fragrance. Lather up in the bath or shower to help your skin stay soft and beautifully balanced. Fragrance: Delicate blue lotus and cedar

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Glycerin is a naturally occurring compound comprised of vegetable oils or synthesized from propylene alcohol. It is a skin identical ingredient, meaning it is found naturally in the skin and is readily absorbed. Glycerin is a potent humectant, which helps to reduce moisture loss, resulting in healthier, more natural looking skin.

Today I Chunky Dunked With: Rico Guave 

    Antioxidant-rich mango butter and guava extract help hydrate and improve your skin’s youthful appearance while white ginger and palm oil wash away dirt and oil to get you tropically clean. Lather from head to toe in the shower or bath and let the luscious scent of smooth white ginger and guava take you away on an island vacay. Fragrance: Suave guava and smooth white ginger.

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Ginger Root Extract is used for its calming, soothing effects and has anti-inflammatory properties. Loaded with antioxidants, it has numerous anti-aging benefits due to its ability to combat free radicals in the skin. Acne, blemishes, burns, and scars can all benefit from Ginger Root Extract, which tones the skin and leaves it looking more youthful.


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The Mayday Project: 4 Lyme Warriors lost their battle with Lyme Disease all in 1 week.

Artist: Tyler Amato #NoDaplArtMovement 

Artist Tyler Amato

Artist: Tyler Amato

Artist: @fannyaisha #NoDaplArtMovement 

#NoDaplArtMovement,  #WaterIsLife, Artist: @fannyaisha

Artist: @fannyaisha

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