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Yolanda Foster of RHOBH & co-star Erika Girardi talk about Yolandas struggle with lyme disease.

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On this weeks “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Yolanda Foster opens up in an emotional conversation with close friend & co-star Erika Girardi about her surgery and current battle with Lyme Disease. It was a tear jerker moment for myself as well.. snot nose and all.  Every word was spot on, and exactly what many Lymies and chronic illness patients deal with on a daily basis.

It confirms to me, that I wasn’t crazy, you know, that’s the worst part of it is when people think your crazy.

Something was really wrong, there’s nothing worse than being an intelligent woman like me and people doubting what your saying including your family & friends.

I’ve been through a long ass journey of people with doubts, people talking on the street, to friends, to my family, to doctors who wouldn’t believe me.

Somebody says their in pain or not feeling good we have to be compassionate and believe it.

Ya know, I’m not mad. I’m not even hurt anymore.  I feel pity for their lack of compassion and empathy for other human beings.

Yolanda Foster

 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Season 6 : Episode 8 “Going Deep
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