Why I Joined Perfectly Posh…

     Mentally, I’m a mess so I’ll try to keep this post simple before my brain short circuits. Physically, I haven’t felt well for a very long time. Still unsure which diagnosis is contributing to it and on a roller coaster ride from hell called the doctor shuffle. Here is why & how I decided to give perfectly posh a try…

     I have had sensitive skin since childhood. I react to chemicals, cheap perfumes, artificial ingredients, bug bites, grass and even dust cause me to break out in a variety of rashes.  The cycle starts small with a flare that usually spreads into something larger. This lands me a trip to the doctor where I’m prescribed standard antibiotics and prescription cremes. Medication starts a chain reaction and symptoms that I once had under control will surface with a vengeance. In the beginning it worked some, until my body decided to go rogue a few years ago. These flares left behind nasty dark scares that eventually covered my entire body. 

    Just like others with similar stories as mine, one thing I decided to do was look into better skin care products.  This is only a piece of a larger puzzle I’m putting together.  I’m trying to get on the path to healing and feeling better.  Changing up my old routine, eating right, and taking better care of my body (especially my skin).

     I need something to focus my mind on. I deal with a number of different things on a daily basis which includes chronic pain. I’m limited on things I can do.  I needed to find something I can do from home.  No serious committed schedule because I never know when my hips will go out of place or the pain will be too unbearable for that day.  It’s not really about making money but of course if it takes off that’s awesome. I love the products I’ve tried so far, and never been one to hold back my opinion.  This is something I can try to do at my own pace.

    Im taking back my life, and accepting the challenges I’ve been delt. No one really sees me go through my neuro or heart symptoms other than Mark.  I’ve learned to slap on a pretty face and act like everything is awesome.  I occasionally get out and do things with my kids, family, and friends but majority of my time is spent inside…. resting with heating pads and ice packs, or taking detox baths. And for now I’m ok with that. I’ve accepted this is part of the process.  What has helped the most is being a part of Lyme patient groups on social media and interacting with others who understand and relate to what I’m going through.  I’ve made so many new friends! My Lyme family consist of the most badass warriors ever.  Without them, I would be so lost 💚.

     A couple of years ago I added a new fb friend and Lymie, Samantha May. Over 300 common friends and following her post you realize she is a total rockstar warrior and such an inspiration.  She kick started her Perfectly Posh adventure a little less than a year ago and goes on FB Live to tell everyone about her journey. Wanted to show support and watching her videos explaining the products is how I stumbled across Perfectly Posh. 

     One video caught my attention during my cup of morning joe.  She was seeing how many uses you can get out of the BFF Facewash.  Stuck on the couch with 2 heating pads on my hips I sat and cheered her on lol.  She ended up getting 200 out of that bottle.  TWO HUNDRED. Sent her a “Hell yeah” message and she sent me some samples.  That one sample pack lasted me over a week. She also sent a mask and mini pedi that I absolutely loved.  You will definitely your $$ worth out of this product. To see her video take a look here.

     This got me digging into researching the ingredients and other products they had to offer.  Immediately the things that stood out the most were:

  1. Natural based products. No harsh chemicals.
  2. Paraben Free, No sulfates,  No Fillers, No toxins 
  3. Cruelty Free
  4. High quality & affordable with all products under $25.
  5. Made in the U.S.A.

     I’m usually a sceptical about MLM and Direct sales companies. I have seen too many stories about pyramid schemes and people loosing tons invested into their businesses. Listening to the other consultants stories I realized that’s not the case and made me even more interested in learning more about the company.  

   With the rollout of the Spring / Summer 2017 starter kit I did what anyone who loves a deal on awesome stuff would do…. I decided to kitnap.  For $99 I received $250 worth of goodies in my starter kit. If I stay I get perks & discounts on my future orders. Between the Healer stick, Cackle Spackle,  and Gender Bender I knew I couple keep myself as an active consultant on my personal sales alone. If I changed my mind, at least some friends and family would get some really sweet treats for birthdays and holidays, right?  

    My sponsor / up line is Samantha as well.  After some motivational fb messages from her and Mark I pumped myself up enough to give it a try for at least 90 days. She sent me happy mail FULL of samples that didn’t come in my starter kit so I could give those a try. She also included a pricing guide, ingredients guide and some thank you cards to get my posh hustle up and going.  Thank you Sam!!

   These products are safe to use on your entire family and my daughter is already found her favorites.  She wants to help do my unboxing videos so this will give us something to enjoy together. My family has been supportive through it all.  With these products I won’t have to worry about what’s in it, how it’s made, or where it’s made. Things like this are important to me because not only so I have skin issues but she has them as well. 

   So with me personally I’m not getting too overwhelmed with selling and throwing parties.  I’m going to go at a slower pace, just trying things out myself and giving my personal opinions about things and keep it fun. I have tons of free samples to share with anyone who is interested though just let me know &  I’ll send you freebies in the mail. 

(I have sensitive skin but that should NOT be used as a guide that if the product works for me it will work for you. Make sure you check out the ingredients for yourself and if you have questions regarding the product contact me, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the safety of you using the product consult your dermatologist.)


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